We are so excited that you have chosen our office! We are positive that you will love our friendly, and talented team and of course find Dr. Kriger to be exceptionally knowledgeable and extremely welcoming.

Please click on the link below to fill out the necessary forms.  Please email forms or bring them with you to your appointment.

This will help us prepare for your visit and keep our schedule on track. 
Please remember to arrive 15 minutes early to your new patient appointment.



Dr. Kriger believes in developing an individualized treatment plan for each patient that she treats. Therefore, time is taken to do a complete and comprehensive clinical exam and X-rays to determine the causes of the dental and skeletal problems and design a treatment plan that will exceed the patients and parents expectations!
For this reason expect your first visit to be approximately one hour long.

We utilize the highest quality and the latest technological advances in the industry, such as self-ligating brackets, clear ceramic braces, Invisalign, heat activated and tooth colored wires. Talk about technology! Each patients’ X-rays and photographs are digitally analyzed to ensure that you receive the most effective and conservative care possible.

On your first visit, our objective is to figure out the long-term needs for parent and/or patient.
We will determine one of the four outcomes:

1) No Treatment is needed at all.
2) Full comprehensive treatment  is needed now.
3) Interceptive Treatment (AKA: Early Treatment) is needed now

to correct a skeletal discrepancy and to create room for the adult teeth to avoid future extraction of adult teeth and or avoid jaw surgery.

4) Recall- treatment is not necessary at this time, but we will monitor your childs growth and development to and assist you in diagnosing the best time for treatment as necessary.

This complimentary visit will allow you get acquainted with our beautiful office and friendly and committed team. Dr. Kriger will determine need and type of treatment necessary.  We encourage questions from both the patients and the parents and we provide ample time to answer your questions.
The treament coordinator will then re-discuss  treatment options, treatment goals and estimated fees. You will be provided a financial overview, including payment options during this first visit.

Most of our new patients that know they will be requiring treatment request treatment to be started the same day as the new patient exam. Please let us know that you are considering this option when you schedule your complimentary new patient exam so that we can schedule accordingly.

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